Крутые сиды для террарии на андроид


Playing seeded Terraria is a new experience

Don’t you just hate it when the random generation of your world does not ever go-to your favor? It sucks when you spend hours looking for things that you later find out don’t exist in your map. That’s why seeds are essential if you want to make sure that everything you need is within reach. Have an accessory or weapon you want close to spawn? Use a seed!

Terraria 1.4 added seed functionality to the game and wow has it changed the game forever. Here are the Top 15 Terraria Best seeds that are fun in every way possible!

15. Easy Enchanted Sword/Terragrim Seed

  • Seed: 1841878846
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Classic
  • Evil: Corruption

Ooh! Shiny sword!

Everyone needs a good starting weapon to start their journey with a bang. This seed starts you out very strong with a chance of getting an Enchanted Sword, or better yet, a Terragrim! Move to the first tree on your left and start digging down. You’ll eventually fall into a small pond with an Enchanted Sword shrine with a chance to drop Terragrim at 2%.

What is great about this seed:

  • Early chance to get a very strong weapon
  • Getting a Terragrim will give you a weapon that can carry you to Hardmode easily

14. Fly High, Young Terrarian!

  • Seed: 2014307839
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Classic
  • Evil: Crimson

It smells like chicken.

This seed allows you to get wings very easily through the game’s floating islands. Just walk 1400 blocks to the left and rope up to find a floating island with Fledgling Wings with the Armored prefix (+3 bonus defense). So not only do you get early flight capabilities, you also get the extra defense to boot!

If this isn’t enough, there’s another accessory you could get just 650 blocks west of spawn. Rope up when you see 2 logs side by side on the ground and you’ll end up on an island with a Shiny Red Balloon which increases jump height. Pair that with your newly found wings for extra mobility. Fly high, Terrarian!

What is great about this seed:

  • Two easy to get accessories that greatly improve early game mobility
  • Wings are indispensable in this game, especially at this point in your adventure
  • Fledgling wings cancel fall damage, which is the leading cause of death among early game Terraria.
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13. Early Pyramid and Surface Sword Shrine

  • Seed: 1211831599
  • Size: Medium
  • World Type: Master
  • Evil: Corruption

I just hope this isn’t cursed.

Another great seed is this one right here. Venture to the left of the map and you’ll see a patch of desert very close to spawn. Dig down and you’ll find yourself a bunch of money and a set of Pharaoh’s clothing. Move past the corruption to the left and you’ll see a small tunnel with sunflowers at the entrance. Dig just before the sunflowers for a very accessible Enchanted Sword Shrine. Sweet!

What is great about this seed:

  • Fancy costume just beside spawn
  • Enchanted sword with almost no necessary digging

12. On a Magic Carpet Ride!

  • Seed: 1542193390
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Classic
  • Evil: Crimson

Unbelievable sights. Indescribable loot chests!

Mobility is everything in a game about killing monsters and bosses. Venture a bit to the left of this seed and you’ll find a pyramid poking out of the sand. Inside is a wonderful gift which gives you the ability to fly, well, not really. The Flying Carpet is an excellent tool to use when you want to glide over gaps and chasms in a straight line. It allows players to hover for a few seconds before deactivating.

What is great about this seed:

  • Easy access to a Flying Carpet. Some worlds don’t even spawn this item.
  • Enough starting money inside the pyramid to unlock NPCs

11. Heart Crystals and Gem Trees

  • Seed: Plantation
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Master
  • Evil: Crimson

I’m not at Y -11, I swear!

Gems are a natural resource when you’re starting as a mage class, or if you just want an early hook. Journey east in this seed and you’ll find a small cave. Spelunking down this cave just a bit will reveal a Topaz and Sapphire tree along with a Heart Crystal resting above some Amethysts. As Yoda would say, “Bejeweled, this seed is”

What is great about this seed:

  • Easy gem access
  • Heart Crystal within 1 minute of gameplay

10. Sandstorm In A Bottle

  • Seed: 03101991
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Master
  • Evil: Corruption

Baby I’m a Sandstorm in a bottle

Bottle items provide the player with an extra jump for extra movement. The Sandstorm variant of all the bottles provides the highest double jump out of all of them.

Find this item by going to the right from spawn and dropping to the right side of the desert and digging towards the left.

What is great about this seed:

  • Early double jump
  • Sandstorm in a bottle is the best bottle jump item in the game
  • Corruption is only by the beach on the east and can be contained easily

9. No way into the Desert

  • Seed: 04091990
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Master
  • Evil: Crimson

I’m gonna need a shovel for this.

This one is just here since it’s…weird. Well, there IS a sword shrine just at the cusp of the jungle. But still, there’s supposed to always be an entrance into the Underground Desert biome.

What is great about this seed:

  • Pinnacle of weird Terraria terrain generation
  • A bonus, easy Enchanted Sword.
  • No evil on the Jungle side.

8. The Ocean Cave of Many Treasures

  • Seed: 2201514445423333
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Master
  • Evil: Corruption

If King Arthur and the Little Mermaid had a collab

For veteran Terraria players, you’ll know that Ocean caverns are a very rare sight to behold. This seed not only gives you one to the east, it also gives you an Enchanted Shrine just at the end of it.

What is great about this seed:

  • Rare Ocean Cavern biome
  • Enchanted Sword Shrine as a bonus

7. This is a very good seed

  • Seed: thisisaverygoodseed
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Classic
  • Evil: Corruption

This is a very good seed.

If you’re looking for an early powerful summoning weapon, this seed is the one you’re looking for! Not only do you get a Finch Staff with a good prefix, you also get a Sunflower Minecart (very rare!). If you’re feeling a bit adventurous, there’s a surface gold chest towards the Living Tree on the opposite side of the map. Go down the leftmost one to find a heart crystal and follow the minecart tracks with your Sunflower Minecraft to find 2 more in the Underground Desert Biome.

What is great about this seed:

  • 2 Rare items inside one chest
  • Great starting Summoner weapon
  • Early Life Crystals for survivability
  • The gold chest contains a valuable item that allows you to warp back to spawn infinitely

6. Early Zenith Materials

  • Seed: iwonthelottery
  • Size: Small
  • World Type: Classic
  • Evil: Crimson

Only a few swords left to go!

This map has easy access to two of the required swords to craft the Zenith late game. Walk towards the east until you enter the Crimson biome. Just above the start of the area is an island with a Starfury. Walk out the door and dig straight down and you’ll find an Enchanted Sword shrine as well!

What is great about this seed:

  • Get a Starfury and an Enchanted Sword at virtually the same time
  • All you need is a rope!

5. Drunk World

  • Seed: 05162020
  • Size: Any
  • World Type: Any
  • Evil: Any

Hold my beer! HIC!

This is one of five secret world generation seeds which change how the game is played. In this seed, the world generation is…drunk. The seed itself is the release date of Terraria 1.4 which when used creates wonky world gen that leaves the average Terrarian scratching their heads.

What is great about this seed:

  • Only seed where you can get the Moon Lord Legs
  • Only seed with Chippy’s Couch item
  • The world is still different even if others use the same seed
  • Early access to the Dungeon (entrance is replaced with a living tree chute)
  • Outright weird world gen makes for a very unique experience
  • Has BOTH Crimson and Corruption

4. For the worthy

  • Seed: for the worthy (case insensitive)
  • Size: Any
  • World Type: Any
  • Evil: Any

This text looks cursed. Uhhhh.

As your world generates, you’ll notice something weird. All the text is in reverse, and it feels kind of…eerie. This seed is not for the faint of heart. If you thought Master mode was difficult, this seed kicks it up a notch!

What is great about this seed:

  • Offers an extra level of challenge to the player
  • Mobs deal increased contact and melee damage
  • Mobs have more health and drop more coins
  • Some surface water pools have been switched to lava
  • Sky chests are no longer free to open (switched with locked golden chests)
  • Many other changes to find

3. Celebrationmk10

  • Seed: celebrationmk10
  • Size: Any
  • World Type: Any
  • Evil: Any

Where my party people at?!

This seed was made to commemorate Terraria’s 10th birthday on May 16, 2020. You spawn at one point of the Beach biome with everything in the world generated with vibrant colors. The Guide, Party Girl, Princess, Steampunker (all named after the devs except party girl) will spawn with you and immediately throw a party!

What is great about this seed:

  • Increased rare item drop rates
  • Two unique enemies: Jungle Mimic and Golden Slime
  • Princess sells Slime staff and Discount Card
  • Items found in chests will always have the best modifiers (ex. Legendary or Warding)

2. Not the bees

  • Seed: not the bees
  • Size: Any
  • World Type: Any
  • Evil: Any

Nicholas Cage would love this map

If you’re scared of bees, DON’T PLAY THIS SEED. We cannot stress this enough. Most of the world has been converted into the Jungle biome and stone blocks above the cavern layer have been swapped with hive blocks. Water has also been replaced with honey, except for the ones on sky islands.

What is good about this seed:

  • Play it for the memes
  • Queen Bee larvae can be found on the surface
  • You’ll never run out of honey

1. The Constant

  • Seed: constant, ​theconstant​, the constant, ​eye4aneye, ​eyeforaneye
  • Size: Any
  • World Type: Any
  • Evil: Any

The only thing constant in this world is my fear of it

This seed was made in conjunction with the collaboration event between Terraria and the Don’t Starve franchise. Many mechanics from Don’t Starve are implemented in the game, including hunger and light levels.


Крутые сиды для террарии на андроид

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Это сид отсылается на дату девятилетия выхода Террарии, 16 мая 2020-го года, по совместительству являющейся датой выхода версии Особенности генерации в этом мире очень сильно изменены и являются весьма странными.

  • В мире генерируются как Искажение, так и Багрянец.
  • Все парящие острова генерируются в стиле заснежья или пустыни.
  • В мире могут попасться эксклюзивные предметы: Ноги Лунного Лорда и Красное зелье.
  • Вместо гида в мире изначально спавнится Тусовщица.
  • В мире играет музыка из Terraria: Otherworld.
  • Вход в Данж распологается под Гигантским деревом коричневого цвета.

Кастомный экран создания мира

Данный сид позволяет создать мир, тесно связанный с пчелиной тематикой.

  • Большинство биомов заменены на джунгли.
  • Мёд генерируется вместо воды.
  • По всему миру генерируются Личинки Королевы пчёл.
  • Множество блоков заменены на блоки мёда и пчелиных сот.
  • Вместо Гида изначально спавнится Торговец.

Кастомный экран создания мира

Особенности этого сида значительно увеличивают сложность игры.

  • Урон, защита, здоровье и количество выпадающих монет со всех врагов увеличены.
  • Все Демоны заменены на Демонов вуду.
  • Все Кролики заменены на взрывных.
  • При первом заходе в мир вместо Гида появляется Подрывник.
  • Иногда озера воды заменены на лавовые озера.
  • При разрушении горшков или с деревьев могут выпадать активированные бомбы.
  • Все небесные сундуки заперты.
  • Боссы имеют усложнённый ИИ.

Кастомный экран создания мира

Данный сид является празднованием десятилетия выхода Террарии, 16 мая 2021-го года.

  • В мире игрок спавнится со стороны Океана с Гидом, Паромехаником принцессой, Тусовщицей и городским кроликом.
  • Сразу же начинается вечеринка.
  • Предметы в сундуках генерируются с лучшими модификаторами.
  • Шансы дропа редких предметов увеличены. Странствующий торговец продаёт больше предметов.
  • Спавнятся Подражатель джунглей и Золотой слизень.

Этот сид является кроссовером с игрой от Klei Entertainment Don’t Starve Together.

  • Введена механика Голода.
  • В мире активен фильтр, делающий игру темнее.
  • По всей поверхности появляются мраморные пласты с окрашенными в белый цвет статуями.
  • Паучьи гнёзда или небольшие участки паучьих стен часто образуются на поверхности.
  • Шанс падения предметов, добавленных в рамках коллаборации повышен.
  • Игрок получает урон от кактусов.